2019 Draft programme

Location: all sessions take place in the Old Class Library, St John’s House, 69-71 South Street. Registration, coffee breaks, and lunches are in the Undercroft, St John’s House.

Thursday 6 June

12:00-13:30    Registration and lunch
13:30-13:45    Conference welcome
13:45-14:30    Renan Baker (Cambridge), ‘Latin Imperial Biographies and Miscellanies: from the Barcelona-Montserrat Hadrianus (LDAB 552) to Einhard and Sedulius Scottus’ (Chair: Cullen Chandler)
14:30-15:00    Coffee break
15:00-16:00    John Hudson (St Andrews), ‘A cult that didn’t happen: the case of (St) Lanfranc of Canterbury’
                         Alice Neale (SAS, London), ‘Turning Æthelthryth’s pages: the development of the cult of an Anglo-Saxon saint during the tenth-century reform movement’ (Chair: Christine Rauer)
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:15    Serena Ammirati (Roma Tre), ‘Authoritative writing, writing as authority: the contribution of paleography to the history of the transmission of Roman legal thought’ (Chair: Caroline Humfress), Sponsored by the ILCR
17:15-17:45    Justyna Kamińska (Jagiellonian), ‘The role of the founders in the building process of the Dominican church and cloister of St James in Sandomierz’
18:00   Wine reception, dinner and garden party in St John’s Garden

Friday 7 June

09:30-10:30    Franziska Geibinger (Vienna), ‘The functional types of the representation of the elevation of the hairy Mary Magdalene in her development to the determining ‘cult image’’
                         Roman Tymoshevskyi (CEU), ‘The discourse of kingship in John Gower’s and Thomas Hoccleve’s Mirrors of Princes’ (Chair: Margaret Connolly)
10:30-11:00    Coffee break
11:00-12:00    Keynote: Carole Hillenbrand (Edinburgh and St Andrews), ‘Reflections on the caliphate’ (Chair: Eduardo Manzano)
12:00-12:45    Lunch
12:45-14:00    Walking tour of St Andrews with Alex Woolf
14:00-14:45    Nic Morton (Nottingham), ‘Confronting and culturally absorbing Mongols and Seljuk Turks: Near Eastern methods for handling invaders from Central Asia, a cross-cultural analysis’ (Chair: Tim Owens)
14:45-15:00    Coffee break
15:00-15:45     David Zakarian (Oxford), ‘Women and the laws of men in medieval Armenia’ (Chair: Tim Greenwood), Sponsored by CAEMS
15:45-16:15  Coffee break
16:15-17:15  Mahdi Ranaee (Potsdam), ‘Al-Ghazâlî on sophistry and doubt’
                       Ana Martins (Coimbra/Rennes), ‘Political thought in Collectanea Moralis Philosophiae (1571)’
19:00   Conference dinner at Forgan’s (Menu)

Saturday 8 June

09:30-10:15  Heidi Stoner (Durham), ‘Imagining the cross, imagining Christ: insular sculpture in the Viking Age’ (Chair: Alex Woolf)
10:15-10:30  Coffee break
10:30-11:30  Keynote: Charles West (Sheffield), ‘Between the Flood and the Last Judgment: Hincmar of Reims and the politics of the ordeal’ (Chair: Sarah Greer)
11:30-11:45   Coffee break
11:45-13:15  Blythe Malona (Glasgow), ‘Percy Empire: building a Northern lordship’
                       John Aspinwall (Lancaster), ‘Patronage and politics: literary production as a strategy of power in Rogerian Sicily’
                     Oliver Mitchell (Cortauld), ‘Power and Fortune’s Wheel’ (Chair: Felicity Hill)
13:15           Lunch and conference finish

The SAIMS Graduate Conference is generously sponsored by:

School of History, University of St Andrews
Centre for Anatolian and East Mediterranean Studies
St Andrews Institute of Medieval Studies
Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research